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Renders an accessible label associated with controls.

import React from 'react';
import * as Label from '@radix-ui/react-label';
import './styles.css';
const LabelDemo = () => (
<div style={{ display: 'flex', padding: '0 20px', flexWrap: 'wrap', gap: 15, alignItems: 'center' }} >
<Label.Root className="LabelRoot" htmlFor="firstName">
First name
<input className="Input" type="text" id="firstName" defaultValue="Pedro Duarte" />
export default LabelDemo;


  • Text selection is prevented when double clicking label.
  • Supports nested controls.

Install the component from your command line.

npm install @radix-ui/react-label

Import the component.

import * as Label from '@radix-ui/react-label';
export default () => <Label.Root />;

Contains the content for the label.

htmlForstringNo default value

This component is based on the native label element, it will automatically apply the correct labelling when wrapping controls or using the htmlFor attribute. For your own custom controls to work correctly, ensure they use native elements such as button or input as a base.